Brain-Drain @India: a blessing in disguise

Recently I was just looking at news and found popular brain-drain notion once again being discussed. It somehow popped up by Mr. Trump, presidential candidate at United States endorsing retaining of Indian students back there.

I’ve penned two blogs previously OSCAR Strategy II – from talent’s perspective: and why Indians are so successful in US, and Indian Organizations VS Foreign Origin MNCs: Key Differences, which I think can be extended to understand popular Brain-Drain concept in India.

It is important to understand that Crude Oil can be a cheap commodity in Middle East country but an expensive commodity in far east countries including India. Similarly intelligent Indian talent is for cheap within India but valued across the world. So there is no point nagging all time that IITs or IIMs graduates when migrate to Western countries’ greener pastures for better career opportunities,  are unpatriotic. Rather they are doing great job and making Brand India in the outside world.

We have numerous examples of Indians doing great globally such as Sundar Pichai- CEO Google Inc., Satya Nadella- CEO Microsoft Inc., Indra Nooyi- CEO Pepsi Co, Nikesh Arora-  CEO Softbank Inc., etc… They are actually ameliorating Brand India and we should feel proud for them.

It is the failure of Govt. which despite close to 7 decades of freedom, still not able to provide the necessary infrastructure and ecosystem which can foster high paying jobs.

Indian companies/ Govt. should also refrain from selling concept of doing business in India just because talent here is for “cheap” which you can many times notice in power-point slides when they are talking to prospective investors. It is understandable that owing such a big population automatically brings labor rates spiral downwards but the onus is on Govt. to stem that fall and bring the economic conditions of workers to better life styles.

Traditionally India has grown in all sector where there is minimum Govt. role.

For example, when we compare China VS India, one can easily see that difference. While China developed leaps and bounds in those areas which are spurred by Govt. intensive supportive programs such as Manufacturing. You need uninterrupted power supply, good roads, good ports, investment friendly Govt. policies, etc.. And they grew. While India developed in those areas which require minimal Govt. support such as IT sector. You need only good communication lines which thankfully are run by big private companies. And they grew.

The above contrast is quite striking. Even now if in India E-commerce is growing astronomically then one reason out of many is that it doesn’t need an ecosystem nursed by Govt. rather it is growing because it addressed to greater inefficiency created or accumulated in last many years in the country. Another example, there is an start-up known as Shuttl which is into transportation business running pvt. fleet of small buses on major routes between office hubs and residential areas in Delhi NCR. My question is does Govt. was sleeping till date? There are so many routes on which there are hardly any public buses and people use owned cars to commute. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if one starts pvt. buses on that route. And that exactly what this start-up did. There are numerous examples like that.

In nutshell, brain-drain is not that bad. Good news is this that this phenomena (brain-drain) automatically slows down when opportunities back home are sprouting. Recent start-ups mania has shown how India’s vast population provides excellent market and also lab to test your start-up ideas.

In last some years we have seen many bright minds across revered campuses including IITs and IIMs turning down overseas/ domestic offers to try their entrepreneurial spirits. This sign is highly encouraging.

My thoughts only.

God Bless!


How UN is becoming irrelevant!

Well, almost 2 years ago on 10th Jul ’14, I wrote one blog:

How UN and Security Council became irrelevant in today’s maze Geo Countries

in which I argued how UN is watching mute with almost zero strategy towards rising threat of Terror. Due to UN’s stupidity (I must say like this) and inability to take any concrete action, the world is suffering more than ever before.

Something very similar, Shri Narendra Modi, H’ble PM of India, said recently in Brussels (what I said two years ago), that it is not very far when UN will loose its relevance in Global Order. 

(above) Mr. Modi in Brussels

Now UN is turned into a Holiday Company in which participants can have a tour to watch hungry kids somewhere in Africa. Instead of doing some worthy job where they are required to register their presence.

Hilariously, it seems they are busy in making strategies in swanky offices in New York etc. for “how to and where to distribute napkins” in poor regions of the world.

I’m wondering what India (along with Japan and Germany) shall gain after years of lobbying for permanent Security Council seat in non-important UN down the line.

In last 2 years, World, specially Europe, has witnessed inflow exodus of migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Libya, etc.. Needless to say how this region got unstable due to misadventures of few nations. I also wonder why UN never brought International Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in middle east war torn regions.

Post Paris and Brussels attack, the new Global Order will start churning into new direction. I see India as a bright spot both economically and strategically in this new order and is bound to gain under charismatic leadership of Shri Modi.

My thoughts only!

God Bless!

It was not my badluck when I failed in achieving ordinary goals rather it was my too good goodluck as I was destined for achieving Xordinary goals!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAARGAAAAJDA5ZWYyYmQ0LTczNmQtNDdlNy05OWI3LTk0OTFhMzhmODU1MQIt was not my badluck when I failed in achieving ordinary goals rather it was my too good goodluck as I was destined for achieving Xordinary goals!

The above line is quite interesting to me, I think. And many times sooner or later one realizes this in his or her life. Understand like this. Your bucket needs to be empty before it can be filled with any opportunity. Sooner you fill it with medium opportunity then there is no space left for filling it with bigger opportunity. That’s why probably Italian philosopher Michelangelo famously once said:

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.(Michelangelo)

Consider one example. Suppose you wanted to do post graduation from a prestigious institute after your graduation. But due to xyz reasons you fail to do so and started doing some job in a private organization. Later with course of time after gaining few years (say 5-10) of quality work experience you suddenly came to know that few of the top institutes in the country or globally now offer newly created one year post graduate programs in addition to their ongoing two year post graduation programs aiming for candidates like you and giving due importance to your hard earned quality work experience. (for e.g., one year MBA programs being offered globally from institutes such as INSEAD, HEC, IMD, IIM A/B/C/L/I, Cornell, IE, etc.) You pass it out and sooner or later you realize that it was for good that you studied the above program.

Consider another example. You failed to get into a job after passing out from your graduation (consider B. Tech). Now in order to have a livelihood you work hard and qualify Bank PO (probationary officer) job. After course of time you realize that it’s a better source of livelihood than many the high paying but stressful private jobs which majority of your batch mates are now subjected to.

There is one more example.  You were having polio since childhood. You always thought you are struck with an immense bad luck since birth. But you continued to work hard towards your studies and completed your B. Tech from a reputed Govt. Engineering College. But because of the Handicap condition private organizations not hired you from the campus. You started preparing for the CAT exam. Because of PH quota, you get a seat in one of the top IIMs, and later you set up your own company. (I’m not justifying quota system here)

Note that the above scenarios I’ve observed personally among my friends’ lives.

There is famous Indian households saying which I’m sure majority of you must have heard “jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai (all happens for good)”

However there is a caution in this strategy. In this context I recall one good story from local folks or colloquy. Its like below:

A farmer daily prayed God for turning around his status for better. One day God came into his dream and said you have one stone lying since long in your hut. Go and fetch its value from another farmer, local shopkeeper, money lender, and a jeweler. Next day he started for the same. First he met a fellow farmer friend. His friend replied after seeing the stone that he can give in return a bag of grain. The local shopkeeper thought it can be used for putting in weighing scale and offered 5 bags of grain. The local moneylender realizing that stone looks precious offered 10 bags of grain. The farmer however knowing that he has not to sell it, turned down the offer. In last when the jeweler realized that stone is nothing but a diamond he went speechless and offered whole of his shop in exchange for the stone and said to the farmer he can give a full warehouse of grain.

The farmer realized the value of something not lies in the eye of holder but lies in the eye of right estimator. And that is the caution one should understand.

You see it happens with the Entrepreneurs. They cannot excel in mediocre jobs because of the quality (adverse or blessing??) that they are born for leadership roles.

Last but not the least. Here I share an example of my best friend. He is struggling with finding a good match thru matrimonial portals since last more than 2 years (or probably more). He date almost twice a month with fresh prospects. He has a good profile overall. But surprisingly he is not able to fetch a good match so far. I only advice him the subject line. That you are meant for bigger things. :):)

God Bless!!

Why not 4.5 days work a week @India

Today H’ble PM of India Shri Modi is going to unveil a mega govt. plan for supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups.

I always felt there is something seriously wrong with established (say more than decade old) Indian Companies and their mindset. I penned 2 blogs on this topic similarly sometime back: Importance of Manufacturing and Does Mindset the real cause for Dismal Condition of Indian Manufacturing!! and Indian Organizations VS Foreign Origin MNCs: Key Differences

The new aspiring youth is tired of companies which want 6 days a week working model with meager  benefits or compensation. But somehow older established companies in India has refused so far to face the new realities. They are like Ostrich Head in Sand refusing to change.

Consider example of recent success of Aam Aadmi Party VS older established political parties in India. This new party was able to clean sweep the Delhi state elections one year back and is constantly in news. While the older political parties are not able to make a mark on psyche of public especially youth.

How?? if you see AAP leaders, they approach people in shirt and pants not in formidable khadi and kurta wear. People now have some kind of averse thinking for leaders approaching to them in “Neta” style.

Now coming back to the topic of this blog. Similarly,

Indian companies has simply resisted to the Change and approach their employees in “Neta” style.

(Indian companies are like above VS Start-ups like below)

Start-up India is already making waves. Indian now has 8 unicorns start-ups (valuation exceeding One Billion USD). Traditionally USA has been mother of start-up culture and pioneered the new businesses such as Google, Amazon, Dell, Tesla, Space-X, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Old is passe. (I like old things though).

Why not Indian Companies embrace 4.5 working days a week model like alternate Fri off (with Sat & Sun offs).

It will help them to embrace change in them and become innovative (something which they are seriously deficient of). They need to connect with the new world and youth. And they should explore in the whole world for new business opportunities rather than sitting inside the homeland and keep running stupid business models.

I hardly knew any names of truly global Indian MNC. Few exceptions are Tata, Mahindra, Infosys, etc.. But the names are very few. Even the biggies such as Reliance, etc. never truly explored outside boundary of India.

With the new wave of Start-ups, Indian job market diaspora is rapidly changing. The new companies are coming with flexi office timings, flexi working culture like work from home, employee friendly HR policies, fast growth career plans, etc.. While the established Indian Companies with full believer in Crony Capitalism will continue to stick to 6 days a week working model, fix office timings, sycophancy inspired career growth, etc..

In my view its the right time for the established companies to change their mindset, to embrace innovation, and the best foot forward towards this direction is implement the title of this blog.

My thoughts only. God Bless Mother India!!

Becoming “Oblivion”: Caveat or Satisfaction??

We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts – Aristotle

Sometime back I wrote 2 blogs The Bovine People and The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy. In the first blog I discussed how sometimes a section of people get tied up in mundane life. Thought it doesn’t mean that they are not socializing or attending offices. Rather it is opposite. They are attending offices, giving EMIs regularly, maintaining small circle of friends and relatives, keep focus on their increments, etc.. In the second blog I highlighted the benefits of getting into low profile and strike back after a certain period.

I think there is one another angle to the above 2 blogs and discussion. It is The Caveat or Satisfaction of becoming Oblivion.

When you are not in a good growth trajectory at job, doing a repetitive work for many years, not updating yourself on Social Media websites (for e.g. on LinkedIn, or on Facebook, etc.), you will face a tough question before yourself: is this Oblivion is a satisfaction or a caveat.

In today’s hyper active competition and life we have made our lives too stressful.

I’m sure use of Facebook surely brings more stress when you always notice others living a fantastic life and updating fabulous status of themselves.

Somehow things are not happening that good with you. You are not succeeding in career or personal life. You are a loser. You are doomed.

So in that case when I suggest The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy or even “Vairagya”, an ancient Indian art of Dispassion Strategy, it is not that easy to walk on that road. There is risk of getting Oblivion.

Now Oblivion is interesting. If you really believe in yourself then it is for you. Have Satisfaction rather than taking it as Caveat. Keep building on your skills.

Just as Steve Jobs chose to learn Calligraphy in his low life days when he was fired from Apple. Or like Hero Mark Wahlberg in movie Shooter. Or like John Rambo in movie Rambo IV. Etc.. If we refer these 2 movies, the hero, went into Agyaatvaas. They were not having any plans to bounce back. But destiny brought them on some road towards greater goals. However they never harboured desire for fame.

Oblivion is a by-product sometimes out of Agyaatvaas or out of Being Bovine. The former i.e. Agyaatvaas Oblivion is good but the latter i.e. Bovine Oblivion is bad.

Taking “The Road Less Travelled” can either lead to Oblivion or Glory. But isn’t Oblivion itself lead to Glory??. That is an interesting question.

However, Yes, if you are okay with a low profile life and satisfied with a Countryside Living then in that case Oblivion doesn’t matters.

It is more important to have a meaningful life and it’d be great if you contribute to upbringing of less privilege of society.

My thoughts only. God Bless.

Shri Modi, Saludos to you

Shri Modi perhaps is one of the greatest leaders India has seen in last several decades. As I said in my previous blogs Shri Modi and Jim Collins – Good to Great  and BJP vs Anti-BJP and The Toothpaste Strategy on this admirable leader that I’d like to write more on him in coming months, so here I am.

Its really interesting to note what Mr Modi is doing from last more than a year.

1. International Traveling: He beat all the world leaders in terms of visiting other countries for improving bilateral relations of India with rest of the world. His tireless working attitude is probably shocking and can bring envy even to a young corporate guy.  He covers more than 2 countries sometimes in 24 hrs. He is simply re-setting long paused relations with many countries where Indian PM has not visited from more than last 2 decades including Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, Seychelles, Nepal, etc..

Leadership is always top driven.

Just like in corporates, in political setups if your leader is demonstrating hard work, followers automatically get inspired. Scams which were common in previous Govt.(s), with each minister busy in making thousands of crores in dubious deals. And citizens were told these are compulsions / unavoidable results of running a coalition government. What a shame.

2. Defence Preparation: I’ve noticed India has suddenly became quick in acquisitions of lots of military systems. Whether its SAM deal from Russia, or similar weapon system from Israel, or Rafale deal from France, or Combat Helicopter deal from US. Though I’m not a supporter of war mongering but such a big nation as India needs to keep updating its defence readiness.

3. Kick Off India 2020: Recent 15 Billion USD deal for India’s ambitious and first Bullet trains project with Japan is another feather in the cap of Modi’s Govt.. Such a project can change the overall country’s desire for march towards a mature industrial economy. 

I once visited Japan and ride via Shinkansen train there from Tokyo to Nagoya. They built this network in 1965. Fifty years before. And still in India no other political party ever envisioned such a project in name of non worthy/ too expensive/ who will ride it/ high ticket cost/ etc.. These kind of excuses are similar to preferring bull carts over motor cars.

A project of this magnitude can have ripple effects to overall business environment in India. China is clear beneficiary of a robust bullet train system now fully in place there.

Modi Govt.’s plan to supply 24 hrs electricity down the line is another truly praiseworthy vision.

4. Cap on Black money: black money flow in the economy has taken a hit now and obviously its good for the people. Real estate market has crashed since BJP came to power. Property rates are now down by 20-30% in many prime real estate markets. Real buyers can have a sigh of relief. People with black money may not share this thought.

LPG subsidy leaks has been successfully capped. Account transfer schemes already has saved thousand of crores rupees of the Govt. which was going to illegal beneficiaries.

5. India truly on world stage: thanks to Modi ji, India is finally emerging as a nation set for serious role on world stage. UK, US, France, and Russia has already publicly expressed their full support for India’s candidature for permanent Security Council seat. India has topped FDI recipient state this year.

6. Make in India campaign: one of the most ambitious visions of the present govt. is Make in India campaign. The thrust is highly praiseworthy. Mfg. sector can create employment on a large scale. Govt. is already supporting entrepreneurship like never before (there are talks that soon Mr Modi will announce a detailed layout and support plan on entrepreneurship in India).

On one hand we have such a hard working PM in India and on the other hand we have opportunistic politics of opposition political parties in India.

1. Cleverly false accusations: Can anyone (or any party) accuse anybody wrongdoing without presenting evidence and then ask him to resign from responsible positions like country’s cabinet minister position? Funny isn’t it.

Opposition parties have exceled in art of comparing pebbles with mountains.

For e.g., if BJP leader takes some 2 lakhs worth decision related to any Govt. contract, suppose some controversy arises at later stage then opposition party in India will compare it with this scam as good as 2 lakh crores 2G scam. I saw on TV actually. One Delhi party was accusing BJP in ref. to the 2 lakhs bribe case of their previous spokesperson. Come on. Now you want BJP to remain on backfoot for all these trivial past cases. You don’t see previous Govt. 2G scam, Coalgate, Commonwealth, Aadarsh scams, etc.. which can easily sum up to 5 lakhs crores. Is this way of comparing.

I’m not supporter of any party but supporter of India.

At least compare mango with oranges (at least they are similar size fruits). Not pebbles with mountains.

2. Family rule: Another National Party in India is long waiting to appoint its Yuvraj to the position of party president. Recently in newspaper I read that their party members are waiting when he will give his consent to be elevated to the party president position. I got astonished. Compare it with BJP. Their it is competition for position of party president and contenders are many. And here another party says there is no contender. Funny.

I guess it is applicable to many parties in India. One family rule.

You can’t follow democracy internally in the party. But want to lead the largest democracy in the world.

3. No Ideology: its simply opportunism. Before elections you take false oath that you will not take support of any party to make Govt. or make xyz promises and later give xyz reasons or excuses. But you do. Former foes seeing bigger threat forgets all animosity and unites. Pure politics in play. And janta (people) watches with wide eyes.

This is politics and it shall continue like this only.

The only reason to cheer is that at least there is one leader to which we can look at with hope for the change which nation is yearning for long.

God Bless Mother India!!

My thoughts only. Saludos.

OSCAR Strategy II – from talent’s perspective: and why Indians are so successful in US

Few months back I wrote one blog on OSCAR Strategy (Organizations Strategy and Cars Across Roads [OSCAR] Theory) which I conceptualized how when looking at cars across roads can give you interesting insights and useful strategy tips for Corporates and also highlights the state of economy. But this tool according to me is not limited only to corporate strategies. Rather it can be extended to understand and can be used in personal life as well.

Suppose you are a fresh IIT or IIM or top engineering college or top B School freshly pass out guy. Now lets consider 2 friends Ram and Sam pass out from same institute. One chose to join a PSU or a reputed business house within India and joins as management trainee. The other chose to pursue higher study in US and make his career there only afterwards.

What happens say after 20 years. Your friend Sam is now heading Google and world knows him as Sundar Pichai or he is now heading Microsoft as Satya Nadella or he is heading Softbank as Nikesh Arora or she is heading Pepsi as Indra Nooyi. While Ram is working as DGM in the Indian firm (he might be having house loan of 1 crore).

There was one another blog which I wrote very recently and useful in this context: Indian Organizations VS Foreign Origin MNCs: Key Differences

Some time back I read a good book by Amy Chua: The Triple Package

Amy explained how an average Indian family/ Jew family earns almost twice of an average US family in their own country. According to her 3 key reasons are there which drive this difference: Superiority Complex; Insecurity; and Impulse Control (You will have to read this book to understand in detail how some races excel)

But I think the reason which I’m going to mention here in this blog is probably also an important point which others might miss to note.

Now coming back to the topic of this blog.

Suppose you are not a human being but a car. (Please read my Oscar Strategy blog to understand this perspective).

If you are a car coming out of IIT or IIM or other top institutes then lets take it that you are a 6000 cc engine high performance car. If you are passing out from many other institutes your cc can vary from 600 to 6000 cc depending upon the competition to get into these institutes.

The road ahead of you of life is proportional to the state of economy of the nation. Right.!!

Hence if you want to run at a speed of 300 km/hr which is possible from a 6000 cc car, you simply can’t run beyond 60 km/hr because of the road and traffic conditions. (please note that traffic is proportional to jams on roads and analogically proportional to inefficiency of the system and economy of nation).


(on a jam road of life both cars are as good)

So more or less throughout your life Ram or you are bound to run no speedier than 60 km/hr despite your potential of 300 km/hr when you are in India or any developing country. On the other hand Sam can take speed to 300 km/hr. When you apply compound interest on your perks vs Sam’s perks, later in some stage of life say after 20 years the difference will be of more than 100 times. You might be earning as DGM 25 lakhs p.a. while Sam must be making 25 crores p.a. back there in US.

When I was doing my MBA at IIM Calcutta, I still remember that how many fellow batch mates of engineering time wanted to return from US to India after a career stint of several years because of love for the country or because of family reasons. In last few years we have seen several successful entrepreneurs in India who are US returnees. We all know many names. For e.g. Mr. Dinesh Agarwal whom I know personally. He is founder of IndiaMart. He is one of the rare entrepreneurs who was in this arena long back when there were hardly any start-ups. He withstand the long slow pace growth of e-commerce but he remained resilient.

There are few examples always like this. But this number is far less than people who are making real money and career growth successfully in western countries.

My blog is not recommending that leave this great nation and head to US. I’m simply analyzing the growth pattern and flaws of the system. Nevertheless I enjoy to be here.

My thoughts only. God Bless.!!