It was not my badluck when I failed in achieving ordinary goals rather it was my too good goodluck as I was destined for achieving Xordinary goals!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAARGAAAAJDA5ZWYyYmQ0LTczNmQtNDdlNy05OWI3LTk0OTFhMzhmODU1MQIt was not my badluck when I failed in achieving ordinary goals rather it was my too good goodluck as I was destined for achieving Xordinary goals!

The above line is quite interesting to me, I think. And many times sooner or later one realizes this in his or her life. Understand like this. Your bucket needs to be empty before it can be filled with any opportunity. Sooner you fill it with medium opportunity then there is no space left for filling it with bigger opportunity. That’s why probably Italian philosopher Michelangelo famously once said:

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.(Michelangelo)

Consider one example. Suppose you wanted to do post graduation from a prestigious institute after your graduation. But due to xyz reasons you fail to do so and started doing some job in a private organization. Later with course of time after gaining few years (say 5-10) of quality work experience you suddenly came to know that few of the top institutes in the country or globally now offer newly created one year post graduate programs in addition to their ongoing two year post graduation programs aiming for candidates like you and giving due importance to your hard earned quality work experience. (for e.g., one year MBA programs being offered globally from institutes such as INSEAD, HEC, IMD, IIM A/B/C/L/I, Cornell, IE, etc.) You pass it out and sooner or later you realize that it was for good that you studied the above program.

Consider another example. You failed to get into a job after passing out from your graduation (consider B. Tech). Now in order to have a livelihood you work hard and qualify Bank PO (probationary officer) job. After course of time you realize that it’s a better source of livelihood than many the high paying but stressful private jobs which majority of your batch mates are now subjected to.

There is one more example.  You were having polio since childhood. You always thought you are struck with an immense bad luck since birth. But you continued to work hard towards your studies and completed your B. Tech from a reputed Govt. Engineering College. But because of the Handicap condition private organizations not hired you from the campus. You started preparing for the CAT exam. Because of PH quota, you get a seat in one of the top IIMs, and later you set up your own company. (I’m not justifying quota system here)

Note that the above scenarios I’ve observed personally among my friends’ lives.

There is famous Indian households saying which I’m sure majority of you must have heard “jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai (all happens for good)”

However there is a caution in this strategy. In this context I recall one good story from local folks or colloquy. Its like below:

A farmer daily prayed God for turning around his status for better. One day God came into his dream and said you have one stone lying since long in your hut. Go and fetch its value from another farmer, local shopkeeper, money lender, and a jeweler. Next day he started for the same. First he met a fellow farmer friend. His friend replied after seeing the stone that he can give in return a bag of grain. The local shopkeeper thought it can be used for putting in weighing scale and offered 5 bags of grain. The local moneylender realizing that stone looks precious offered 10 bags of grain. The farmer however knowing that he has not to sell it, turned down the offer. In last when the jeweler realized that stone is nothing but a diamond he went speechless and offered whole of his shop in exchange for the stone and said to the farmer he can give a full warehouse of grain.

The farmer realized the value of something not lies in the eye of holder but lies in the eye of right estimator. And that is the caution one should understand.

You see it happens with the Entrepreneurs. They cannot excel in mediocre jobs because of the quality (adverse or blessing??) that they are born for leadership roles.

Last but not the least. Here I share an example of my best friend. He is struggling with finding a good match thru matrimonial portals since last more than 2 years (or probably more). He date almost twice a month with fresh prospects. He has a good profile overall. But surprisingly he is not able to fetch a good match so far. I only advice him the subject line. That you are meant for bigger things. :):)

God Bless!!


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