How UN is becoming irrelevant!

Well, almost 2 years ago on 10th Jul ’14, I wrote one blog:

How UN and Security Council became irrelevant in today’s maze Geo Countries

in which I argued how UN is watching mute with almost zero strategy towards rising threat of Terror. Due to UN’s stupidity (I must say like this) and inability to take any concrete action, the world is suffering more than ever before.

Something very similar, Shri Narendra Modi, H’ble PM of India, said recently in Brussels (what I said two years ago), that it is not very far when UN will loose its relevance in Global Order. 

(above) Mr. Modi in Brussels

Now UN is turned into a Holiday Company in which participants can have a tour to watch hungry kids somewhere in Africa. Instead of doing some worthy job where they are required to register their presence.

Hilariously, it seems they are busy in making strategies in swanky offices in New York etc. for “how to and where to distribute napkins” in poor regions of the world.

I’m wondering what India (along with Japan and Germany) shall gain after years of lobbying for permanent Security Council seat in non-important UN down the line.

In last 2 years, World, specially Europe, has witnessed inflow exodus of migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Libya, etc.. Needless to say how this region got unstable due to misadventures of few nations. I also wonder why UN never brought International Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in middle east war torn regions.

Post Paris and Brussels attack, the new Global Order will start churning into new direction. I see India as a bright spot both economically and strategically in this new order and is bound to gain under charismatic leadership of Shri Modi.

My thoughts only!

God Bless!


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