The “SamudraManthan” Strategy: inspired from one of the great episodes in Hindu Mythology

In my quest to understand Indian Mythological terms and relate it to present day Lifestyle or Corporate Strategies, herewith I’m writing an another point of view. Previously I blogged similar ones including “Vairagya”, an ancient Indian art of Dispassion, The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy, and Mahabharata Vs Iliad. Above pic is of “SamudraManthan” art at the BangkokContinue reading “The “SamudraManthan” Strategy: inspired from one of the great episodes in Hindu Mythology”

All India Voting (AIV)

In his historical Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln famously said that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”. We, in India, need to ponder whether we are doing adequate enough that govt.s which are getting formed in last few decades is truly representing the people of this greatContinue reading “All India Voting (AIV)”

Brain-Drain @India: a blessing in disguise

Recently I was just looking at news and found popular brain-drain notion once again being discussed. It somehow popped up by Mr. Trump, presidential candidate at United States endorsing retaining of Indian students back there. I’ve penned two blogs previously OSCAR Strategy II – from talent’s perspective: and why Indians are so successful in US, and Indian OrganizationsContinue reading “Brain-Drain @India: a blessing in disguise”

How UN is becoming irrelevant!

Well, almost 2 years ago on 10th Jul ’14, I wrote one blog: How UN and Security Council became irrelevant in today’s maze Geo Countries in which I argued how UN is watching mute with almost zero strategy towards rising threat of Terror. Due to UN’s stupidity (I must say like this) and inability toContinue reading “How UN is becoming irrelevant!”