The Resilience Strategy (2)

What is Resilience??

Well, ability to bounce back.

When you press grass by foot, it resurrects when you remove your foot. So when hard time comes, why surrender and collapse, why not bounce back. I meant here mostly for the large corporates though this principle is equally applicable on personal life.

I studied in detail when I was in IIM Calcutta few good strategy tools. The most inspiring ones were The Break Through Management and The Blue Ocean Strategy.

I fortunately studied the former i.e. BTM from the very professor who first introduced this subject and is recipient of Deming Prize, H’ble Professor Shoji Shiba. He is international management guru who taught us this subject in detail for almost 3 weeks and 10 hours daily without any break inclusive of Sundays.

BOS is also famous work of two INSEAD professors who carried study across a range of industries spanning over a period of many decades, etc. And how those companies survived difficult times.

Both strategies came with very interesting similar findings but in different styles and contexts.

I add a third angle to these two strategy theories. I term it as “The Resilience Strategy (TRS)”.

You need not to succumb before adversaries. Rather you need to make move which others don’t dare. And you will make history then.

When you are a large corporate. And when you suddenly find adverse business environment. You many a times find it hard to with stand your bank loans, share holders cry, loss of market share and revenue, etc. You get thrown out from the star list.

The time changes very fast. Can anyone imagine the darling of mobiles Nokia now has been bought over by Microsoft, Blackberry again bought over by Fairfax, etc. There are numerous examples.

But then how TRS helps you to face this. Well I take example of Harley Davidson HBR case study here. See how HD bounced back when it faced tough competition from Japs and it was almost bankrupt.

Resilience applies when you were Great in past. Something happened and you collapsed. But during this collapse you forget that you were great brand, you were having bonding on your consumers mind, you have great intangible assets so called, etc. It’s only about en-cashing the same at right time. This is Resilience. And overall implementing this is The Resilience Strategy.

How many companies are common in Fortune 100 list after a period of 50 years. Hardly 15%. What happen to others. A sustainable growth doesn’t applies always. So there you need any of three: BTM; BOS; or TRS.

Even large corporates has started creating a position known as Chief Risk Officer whose major job is to protect the company from any foreseen decline. Though this is more a part of Corporate Strategy Cell.

However, At the same time in order to be resilient, the companies must be having good CSR records, ethics and values in business, vision for welfare of mankind and mother nature, etc.. This what I believe.


God Bless!!!!


Don’t know where I am going with this blog

why runs made in T20 is very close to runs made in T50

why people in our country don’t care for punctuality

why land prices require 20 years loan in our country

why there is so much unrest still in the world, with many parts burning in flames. Then what is the role of UN. do we really care for any international organization in order to maintain peace when it comes to international order. What is the role of world super powers in all this chaos.

we in India can show the world far bigger truths based on our heritage knowledge gained from our ancient texts including Mahabharata

Lets pray for peace in this world!!

God Bless!!

Marvel Comics vs Raj Comics and Hollywood vs Bollywood: come on India- the world is waiting for you!!

I always wondered striking similarity between Marvel comics and Raj comics.

Comics have always been my passion when I was in childhood, better term is school days.

And am or was so fond of all super heroes of Raj comics namely Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga, Ashoka, Parmanu, Wolfman (don’t recall exact name), etc.

See how Hollywood capitalized their stories of comics and ideas so seamlessly in all of their movies, popular names such as: Superman, Spider man, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, X-Men, Wolverine (from X-Men), Hulk, The Lord of Rings, etc.

Hollywood produced numerous movies, majority block busters, made huge fortune, and most importantly successfully sold Soft Power of USA throughout the whole world.

Now even China wants to sell their brand in the world, Japan successfully did by movies on Samurai, Godzilla, etc.

Why Bollywood remained such obsolete and never catch the all time available opportunity, simply to capitalize on our legendary comics heroes. Why still in India majority movies are old fashioned concentrating on “saas bahu”, love, middle class struggle, rich class spoiled brats, comedy, and projecting simple common man in love acting as Demi Gods. How can you sell so stupidly that a simple college going guy is beating 50 or more hooligans in one go. Come on, act and think rational now Bollywood. Don’t sell stupid things.

If Bollywood simply follow Hollywood then also it can make fortunes and also create tremendous soft power in favor of India.

In one of my earlier posts “Mahabharata vs Iliad” I talked about how a big market on Mythology remained ignored in India.

Though there is no study done as per my knowledge on the market opportunity size of movies if brought on the said subject, still a conservative estimate can be to the tune of few billion dollars over a period of say five years.

Its not only about making money, but also about showing to the world that who we are. Why we only copy the West. Can’t we show them something legendary of ours. And believe me- the world is waiting for us. Let’s hope for the best: Come on India- the world is waiting for you!!!!

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