Why not 4.5 days work a week @India

Today H’ble PM of India Shri Modi is going to unveil a mega govt. plan for supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups.

I always felt there is something seriously wrong with established (say more than decade old) Indian Companies and their mindset. I penned 2 blogs on this topic similarly sometime back: Importance of Manufacturing and Does Mindset the real cause for Dismal Condition of Indian Manufacturing!! and Indian Organizations VS Foreign Origin MNCs: Key Differences

The new aspiring youth is tired of companies which want 6 days a week working model with meager  benefits or compensation. But somehow older established companies in India has refused so far to face the new realities. They are like Ostrich Head in Sand refusing to change.

Consider example of recent success of Aam Aadmi Party VS older established political parties in India. This new party was able to clean sweep the Delhi state elections one year back and is constantly in news. While the older political parties are not able to make a mark on psyche of public especially youth.

How?? if you see AAP leaders, they approach people in shirt and pants not in formidable khadi and kurta wear. People now have some kind of averse thinking for leaders approaching to them in “Neta” style.

Now coming back to the topic of this blog. Similarly,

Indian companies has simply resisted to the Change and approach their employees in “Neta” style.

(Indian companies are like above VS Start-ups like below)

Start-up India is already making waves. Indian now has 8 unicorns start-ups (valuation exceeding One Billion USD). Traditionally USA has been mother of start-up culture and pioneered the new businesses such as Google, Amazon, Dell, Tesla, Space-X, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Old is passe. (I like old things though).

Why not Indian Companies embrace 4.5 working days a week model like alternate Fri off (with Sat & Sun offs).

It will help them to embrace change in them and become innovative (something which they are seriously deficient of). They need to connect with the new world and youth. And they should explore in the whole world for new business opportunities rather than sitting inside the homeland and keep running stupid business models.

I hardly knew any names of truly global Indian MNC. Few exceptions are Tata, Mahindra, Infosys, etc.. But the names are very few. Even the biggies such as Reliance, etc. never truly explored outside boundary of India.

With the new wave of Start-ups, Indian job market diaspora is rapidly changing. The new companies are coming with flexi office timings, flexi working culture like work from home, employee friendly HR policies, fast growth career plans, etc.. While the established Indian Companies with full believer in Crony Capitalism will continue to stick to 6 days a week working model, fix office timings, sycophancy inspired career growth, etc..

In my view its the right time for the established companies to change their mindset, to embrace innovation, and the best foot forward towards this direction is implement the title of this blog.

My thoughts only. God Bless Mother India!!



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