Becoming “Oblivion”: Caveat or Satisfaction??

We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts – Aristotle

Sometime back I wrote 2 blogs The Bovine People and The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy. In the first blog I discussed how sometimes a section of people get tied up in mundane life. Thought it doesn’t mean that they are not socializing or attending offices. Rather it is opposite. They are attending offices, giving EMIs regularly, maintaining small circle of friends and relatives, keep focus on their increments, etc.. In the second blog I highlighted the benefits of getting into low profile and strike back after a certain period.

I think there is one another angle to the above 2 blogs and discussion. It is The Caveat or Satisfaction of becoming Oblivion.

When you are not in a good growth trajectory at job, doing a repetitive work for many years, not updating yourself on Social Media websites (for e.g. on LinkedIn, or on Facebook, etc.), you will face a tough question before yourself: is this Oblivion is a satisfaction or a caveat.

In today’s hyper active competition and life we have made our lives too stressful.

I’m sure use of Facebook surely brings more stress when you always notice others living a fantastic life and updating fabulous status of themselves.

Somehow things are not happening that good with you. You are not succeeding in career or personal life. You are a loser. You are doomed.

So in that case when I suggest The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy or even “Vairagya”, an ancient Indian art of Dispassion Strategy, it is not that easy to walk on that road. There is risk of getting Oblivion.

Now Oblivion is interesting. If you really believe in yourself then it is for you. Have Satisfaction rather than taking it as Caveat. Keep building on your skills.

Just as Steve Jobs chose to learn Calligraphy in his low life days when he was fired from Apple. Or like Hero Mark Wahlberg in movie Shooter. Or like John Rambo in movie Rambo IV. Etc.. If we refer these 2 movies, the hero, went into Agyaatvaas. They were not having any plans to bounce back. But destiny brought them on some road towards greater goals. However they never harboured desire for fame.

Oblivion is a by-product sometimes out of Agyaatvaas or out of Being Bovine. The former i.e. Agyaatvaas Oblivion is good but the latter i.e. Bovine Oblivion is bad.

Taking “The Road Less Travelled” can either lead to Oblivion or Glory. But isn’t Oblivion itself lead to Glory??. That is an interesting question.

However, Yes, if you are okay with a low profile life and satisfied with a Countryside Living then in that case Oblivion doesn’t matters.

It is more important to have a meaningful life and it’d be great if you contribute to upbringing of less privilege of society.

My thoughts only. God Bless.


Published by Rishabh Agarwal


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