Shri Modi, Saludos to you

Shri Modi perhaps is one of the greatest leaders India has seen in last several decades. As I said in my previous blogs Shri Modi and Jim Collins – Good to Great  and BJP vs Anti-BJP and The Toothpaste Strategy on this admirable leader that I’d like to write more on him in coming months, so here I am.

Its really interesting to note what Mr Modi is doing from last more than a year.

1. International Traveling: He beat all the world leaders in terms of visiting other countries for improving bilateral relations of India with rest of the world. His tireless working attitude is probably shocking and can bring envy even to a young corporate guy.  He covers more than 2 countries sometimes in 24 hrs. He is simply re-setting long paused relations with many countries where Indian PM has not visited from more than last 2 decades including Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, Seychelles, Nepal, etc..

Leadership is always top driven.

Just like in corporates, in political setups if your leader is demonstrating hard work, followers automatically get inspired. Scams which were common in previous Govt.(s), with each minister busy in making thousands of crores in dubious deals. And citizens were told these are compulsions / unavoidable results of running a coalition government. What a shame.

2. Defence Preparation: I’ve noticed India has suddenly became quick in acquisitions of lots of military systems. Whether its SAM deal from Russia, or similar weapon system from Israel, or Rafale deal from France, or Combat Helicopter deal from US. Though I’m not a supporter of war mongering but such a big nation as India needs to keep updating its defence readiness.

3. Kick Off India 2020: Recent 15 Billion USD deal for India’s ambitious and first Bullet trains project with Japan is another feather in the cap of Modi’s Govt.. Such a project can change the overall country’s desire for march towards a mature industrial economy. 

I once visited Japan and ride via Shinkansen train there from Tokyo to Nagoya. They built this network in 1965. Fifty years before. And still in India no other political party ever envisioned such a project in name of non worthy/ too expensive/ who will ride it/ high ticket cost/ etc.. These kind of excuses are similar to preferring bull carts over motor cars.

A project of this magnitude can have ripple effects to overall business environment in India. China is clear beneficiary of a robust bullet train system now fully in place there.

Modi Govt.’s plan to supply 24 hrs electricity down the line is another truly praiseworthy vision.

4. Cap on Black money: black money flow in the economy has taken a hit now and obviously its good for the people. Real estate market has crashed since BJP came to power. Property rates are now down by 20-30% in many prime real estate markets. Real buyers can have a sigh of relief. People with black money may not share this thought.

LPG subsidy leaks has been successfully capped. Account transfer schemes already has saved thousand of crores rupees of the Govt. which was going to illegal beneficiaries.

5. India truly on world stage: thanks to Modi ji, India is finally emerging as a nation set for serious role on world stage. UK, US, France, and Russia has already publicly expressed their full support for India’s candidature for permanent Security Council seat. India has topped FDI recipient state this year.

6. Make in India campaign: one of the most ambitious visions of the present govt. is Make in India campaign. The thrust is highly praiseworthy. Mfg. sector can create employment on a large scale. Govt. is already supporting entrepreneurship like never before (there are talks that soon Mr Modi will announce a detailed layout and support plan on entrepreneurship in India).

On one hand we have such a hard working PM in India and on the other hand we have opportunistic politics of opposition political parties in India.

1. Cleverly false accusations: Can anyone (or any party) accuse anybody wrongdoing without presenting evidence and then ask him to resign from responsible positions like country’s cabinet minister position? Funny isn’t it.

Opposition parties have exceled in art of comparing pebbles with mountains.

For e.g., if BJP leader takes some 2 lakhs worth decision related to any Govt. contract, suppose some controversy arises at later stage then opposition party in India will compare it with this scam as good as 2 lakh crores 2G scam. I saw on TV actually. One Delhi party was accusing BJP in ref. to the 2 lakhs bribe case of their previous spokesperson. Come on. Now you want BJP to remain on backfoot for all these trivial past cases. You don’t see previous Govt. 2G scam, Coalgate, Commonwealth, Aadarsh scams, etc.. which can easily sum up to 5 lakhs crores. Is this way of comparing.

I’m not supporter of any party but supporter of India.

At least compare mango with oranges (at least they are similar size fruits). Not pebbles with mountains.

2. Family rule: Another National Party in India is long waiting to appoint its Yuvraj to the position of party president. Recently in newspaper I read that their party members are waiting when he will give his consent to be elevated to the party president position. I got astonished. Compare it with BJP. Their it is competition for position of party president and contenders are many. And here another party says there is no contender. Funny.

I guess it is applicable to many parties in India. One family rule.

You can’t follow democracy internally in the party. But want to lead the largest democracy in the world.

3. No Ideology: its simply opportunism. Before elections you take false oath that you will not take support of any party to make Govt. or make xyz promises and later give xyz reasons or excuses. But you do. Former foes seeing bigger threat forgets all animosity and unites. Pure politics in play. And janta (people) watches with wide eyes.

This is politics and it shall continue like this only.

The only reason to cheer is that at least there is one leader to which we can look at with hope for the change which nation is yearning for long.

God Bless Mother India!!

My thoughts only. Saludos.


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