Shri Modi and Jim Collins – Good to Great

H’ble PM Shri Narendra Bhai Modi is truly a spectacular leader with charismatic personality. His aura is awesome and his story is highly inspiring. I want to dedicate few blogs to this great leader.

I noticed Shri Modi’s style of working has interesting similarity from the traits discussed in the famed book of Jim Collin’s – Good to Great!!

1. Level 5 Leadership: Leaders who are humble, but driven to do what’s best for the company

(in this context hence company is country)

Humility + Will = Level 5 Leadership

Shri Modi said in his speech that he is Chief Servant to the people and not their Ruler. Very different from previous leaders who many times forgot the real problems of their country men.

Shri Modi is humble. And at the same time commands. This is a unique combination discussed in this book which studied in detail why few companies becomes Great and one of the findings was Level 5 Leadership.

2. First Who, Then What: Get the right people on the bus, then figure out where to go. Finding the right people and trying them out in different positions.

Again Shri Modi successfully created a great team. Look at the profile of his core team. He is getting highly competent people on his bus.

To lead the nation towards Greatness. He is making sure that people with variety of skills on job. Gone are the days when sycophants were getting top portfolios.

Shri Modi has brought a great team including people who were staying in US and working for the country from there.

3. Confront the Brutal Facts: The Stockdale paradox—Confront the brutal truth of the situation, yet at the same time, never give up hope.

Shri Modi’s foreign visits in a blitzkrieg style is awe inspiring. The kind of energy he is displaying and bringing amazing renaissance in the whole Foreign Policy of the country.

Why Shri Modi made these visits including Japan, USA, Australia, etc.? What was the real intent.?

It took 28 years to an Indian PM to make visit to Australia.

Also, an again very interesting story that H’ble PM of Japan Mr. Abe follows only 3 people on Twitter, one of them is Shri Modi.

For the first time a serving US President visits India twice and for the first time on its Republic Day!! An highly symbolic visit can send tremors in the region and placed India truly on the World Table.

So why Shri Modi is doing all this. He has realized that country’s economy is in pretty bad shape because of previous mismanagement and scams which rocked the nation.

  1. To attract foreign investments and technology is his top priority
  2. To revive almost dead Foreign Policy of India
  3. To bring India truly on the World Table

Bringing Foreign MNCs will create jobs, improve infrastructure, improve life style of the deprived Bottom of the Pyramid Class.

4. Hedgehog Concept: Three overlapping circles: What lights your fire (“passion”)? What could you be best in the world at (“best at”)? What makes you money (“driving resource”)?

What India is good at. Shri Modi tried to figure it out. And what is neglected which can be made strength rather than weakness.

India has a lot potential in tourism. It is a great nation and a sub continent in itself. Tourism can bring immense money, jobs, soft power alleviation, etc.

The major campaign of Clean India under “Swatch Bharat” is a major thrust in this direction.

Again “Make In India” campaign is another major step in the same direction. India as a nation is having large population. It makes sense to make within the country and create employment. Which is the need of hour.

I guess still lot of work needs to be done in Hedgehog field of the country.

5. Culture of Discipline: Rinsing the cottage cheese.

Shri Modi believes in discipline. Anyone who observes him can easily figure this out. The kind of energy he displays has inspired ever other world leaders including H’ble US President Mr. Obama.

Shri Modi and his team is working round the clock to make sure to fill the pits in the economy and bring it on right track.

6. Technology Accelerators: Using technology to accelerate growth, within the three circles of the hedgehog concept.

I’m not sure which technology analogy can be suggested here. What I guess is following:

the kind of foreign developed nations’ willingness showed in recent times towards India can be Game Changer.

Make In India campaign requires tremendous support and engagement with countries including Americas, Japan, Europe, BRICs, etc.

7. The Flywheel: The additive effect of many small initiatives; they act on each other like compound interest.

Lastly all the combined efforts mentioned above by Shri Modi and his team can create is:

The Flywheel Effect. If he succeeds in his efforts of bringing a Vibrant Economy and Ecosystem favoring Entrepreneurs, the overall effect can be compound and will keep on creating wealth and prosperity.

Now at the finish of this blog, I believe India can contribute in a very health manner to the world peace and prosperity. It can witness largest change in history of mankind in terms of poverty alleviation, jobs creation, per capita income growth, stability in the APAC region, and encouraging democratic values.

God Bless!!

The Resilience Strategy (2)

What is Resilience??

Well, ability to bounce back.

When you press grass by foot, it resurrects when you remove your foot. So when hard time comes, why surrender and collapse, why not bounce back. I meant here mostly for the large corporates though this principle is equally applicable on personal life.

I studied in detail when I was in IIM Calcutta few good strategy tools. The most inspiring ones were The Break Through Management and The Blue Ocean Strategy.

I fortunately studied the former i.e. BTM from the very professor who first introduced this subject and is recipient of Deming Prize, H’ble Professor Shoji Shiba. He is international management guru who taught us this subject in detail for almost 3 weeks and 10 hours daily without any break inclusive of Sundays.

BOS is also famous work of two INSEAD professors who carried study across a range of industries spanning over a period of many decades, etc. And how those companies survived difficult times.

Both strategies came with very interesting similar findings but in different styles and contexts.

I add a third angle to these two strategy theories. I term it as “The Resilience Strategy (TRS)”.

You need not to succumb before adversaries. Rather you need to make move which others don’t dare. And you will make history then.

When you are a large corporate. And when you suddenly find adverse business environment. You many a times find it hard to with stand your bank loans, share holders cry, loss of market share and revenue, etc. You get thrown out from the star list.

The time changes very fast. Can anyone imagine the darling of mobiles Nokia now has been bought over by Microsoft, Blackberry again bought over by Fairfax, etc. There are numerous examples.

But then how TRS helps you to face this. Well I take example of Harley Davidson HBR case study here. See how HD bounced back when it faced tough competition from Japs and it was almost bankrupt.

Resilience applies when you were Great in past. Something happened and you collapsed. But during this collapse you forget that you were great brand, you were having bonding on your consumers mind, you have great intangible assets so called, etc. It’s only about en-cashing the same at right time. This is Resilience. And overall implementing this is The Resilience Strategy.

How many companies are common in Fortune 100 list after a period of 50 years. Hardly 15%. What happen to others. A sustainable growth doesn’t applies always. So there you need any of three: BTM; BOS; or TRS.

Even large corporates has started creating a position known as Chief Risk Officer whose major job is to protect the company from any foreseen decline. Though this is more a part of Corporate Strategy Cell.

However, At the same time in order to be resilient, the companies must be having good CSR records, ethics and values in business, vision for welfare of mankind and mother nature, etc.. This what I believe.


God Bless!!!!


Don’t know where I am going with this blog

why runs made in T20 is very close to runs made in T50

why people in our country don’t care for punctuality

why land prices require 20 years loan in our country

why there is so much unrest still in the world, with many parts burning in flames. Then what is the role of UN. do we really care for any international organization in order to maintain peace when it comes to international order. What is the role of world super powers in all this chaos.

we in India can show the world far bigger truths based on our heritage knowledge gained from our ancient texts including Mahabharata

Lets pray for peace in this world!!

God Bless!!

Marvel Comics vs Raj Comics and Hollywood vs Bollywood: come on India- the world is waiting for you!!

I always wondered striking similarity between Marvel comics and Raj comics.

Comics have always been my passion when I was in childhood, better term is school days.

And am or was so fond of all super heroes of Raj comics namely Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga, Ashoka, Parmanu, Wolfman (don’t recall exact name), etc.

See how Hollywood capitalized their stories of comics and ideas so seamlessly in all of their movies, popular names such as: Superman, Spider man, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, X-Men, Wolverine (from X-Men), Hulk, The Lord of Rings, etc.

Hollywood produced numerous movies, majority block busters, made huge fortune, and most importantly successfully sold Soft Power of USA throughout the whole world.

Now even China wants to sell their brand in the world, Japan successfully did by movies on Samurai, Godzilla, etc.

Why Bollywood remained such obsolete and never catch the all time available opportunity, simply to capitalize on our legendary comics heroes. Why still in India majority movies are old fashioned concentrating on “saas bahu”, love, middle class struggle, rich class spoiled brats, comedy, and projecting simple common man in love acting as Demi Gods. How can you sell so stupidly that a simple college going guy is beating 50 or more hooligans in one go. Come on, act and think rational now Bollywood. Don’t sell stupid things.

If Bollywood simply follow Hollywood then also it can make fortunes and also create tremendous soft power in favor of India.

In one of my earlier posts “Mahabharata vs Iliad” I talked about how a big market on Mythology remained ignored in India.

Though there is no study done as per my knowledge on the market opportunity size of movies if brought on the said subject, still a conservative estimate can be to the tune of few billion dollars over a period of say five years.

Its not only about making money, but also about showing to the world that who we are. Why we only copy the West. Can’t we show them something legendary of ours. And believe me- the world is waiting for us. Let’s hope for the best: Come on India- the world is waiting for you!!!!

Few of my previous posts are as follows:

Thank you

God Bless!!

Mahabharata Vs Iliad and How A Big Market on Mythology Remained Ignored in India

I have always been fan of Indian Mythologies and also of Greek Mythologies. In fact I get surprised on noting the amazing similarities between the two epics i.e. Mahabharata and Iliad.

Both are the famous epic poems and illustrations of Great Heroes, should be termed as Super Heroes or even Demi Gods.

While in Mahabharata we have a list of Mega Heroes including Lord Krishna, Arjuna, Karna, Balrama, Bhisma Pitamah, Yudhisthira, Bhima, Drona Acharya, Kripa Acharaya, Ghatokacha, Drishta Dhyumn, Duryodhana, Ashwathama, Jayadratha, etc., whereas in Iliad we have a list of Achilles, Hector, Patroclus, Ajax, Odysseus, etc.

Even I was able to notice the striking similarity between the killing of Karna vs the killing of Hector. Both were having sort of unstoppable powers but got killed because they were lured to use that powers under camouflage of their main opponent. Karna used his Divya Astra against Ghatokacha while Hector killed Patroclus who was having Achilles armor on him.

Point is that how come such resemblance can be there in the two epics which occurred in separate geographies and periods.

Those who are reading this blog might not be aware of the two epics in detail. This can be there.

Also many times I wonder why Indian Historians or even the Government never able to say that these are true events. Don’t know what proof can be suitable since these are way back in history. But really wonder do we have such legendary warriors on our soil long back.

Now comes the Business View here. On one hand we can see so amazing movies and serials on Greek Mythologies which Hollywood regularly produces. I am big fan of movies TROY, Kingdom of Heaven, and there are several others.

Why Bollywood never produces movies on our Indian Mythology. It makes a huge business sense and also qualifies for the patriotism. We should promote our Soft Power. It will promote Brand of India.

Japanese successfully preserve their culture. We have movie GODZILLA, lots of Samurai movies, etc.

But in India there are zero movies covering Mahabharata, events of Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka the Great, and our oldest story of Ramayana.

India is an amazingly big country qualifies for sub continent. But our producers mostly remained focused on comedy, love, romance, house hold, mafia, stories, etc. They hardly touched the Legendary Epics which we have. This is really disappointing. And showing truly abysmal state of affairs of Indian Pride.

There should be a great research on our origins and how come these epic poems came in existence. When you make movies the society in large gets inspired. It can bolster the image of India truly on world stage. In fact other than business a lot of TACIT benefits comes in the way. A respect for brand which can not be calculated easily follows into the mindsets of world consumers when you successfully show that you were having rich history. Curious case of China can be analyzed here. They also successfully promoted lots of movies on their kings such as Red, etc.. They are economic superpower now. I am not saying this is possible because of only their rich history but again you can not discount on the fact that this is a very good tool to bring confidence in people and encourage sectors like Tourism, Higher Education, Real Estate, etc.

I wish that in coming days at least one legendary movie get made in India with all up to date technology and which may include superstars among Amitabh Bachchan for Bhisma Pitamah, Ajay Devgan, Hrithik Roshan for Arjuna, Khans, Kareena, etc. May be Hollywood superstars can also be taken for this noble cause. Huge attraction can be there if you can bring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, Kate, etc. I am sure they can also do these roles amazingly and with awesomeness.

God Bless!!

Why Choose MBA and What You Really Get Out of It!!

Well!!!! Many of young folks I see looking anxiously for getting an MBA. Many times not even realizing the clear take-away from it. Many see it as career accelerator, many see it as career transformation, and many see it as a “must degree to have” irrespective of the results.

Actually all are right in the above expectations. But yes, context need to be very carefully understood.

First, let me come to one other major benefit of MBA if its from a Top B School.

Its Social. You really get an elevation in terms of perspective in your society. It can be among friend circle, relatives, colleagues, etc.. Yes of course post MBA you sharpen your skills in terms of business acumen, presentation, public speaking, writing skills, understanding of economics, ability to look things at macro level, acquiring confident personality, etc.. These benefits you can also get from any good Under Graduation or any good Post Graduation degree. Its not only confined to MBA alone.

However MBA is a good medium to gain majority of these skills. It really depends on your college and the efforts you have put to get into that college and program.

Many times I have noticed people see MBA only for raising their pay packages and they chase this degree only for this sole purpose. Which in my view is not appropriate. Specially in last few years MBA is not giving that high returns to so many of the pass outs. In my view average is hovering around modest package rise of 40%. Which is far less when you incorporate huge efforts, opportunity cost, fees, etc.

But is this the real gain out of this coveted degree. Should you need to drop the idea of MBA hence?

Why so many of us look at such short term returns out of it?

Don’t you think that post MBA you have some 40 odd years remaining to contribute to corporate world or more appropriately to the society as whole. The returns are immense when you expand this scale of ROI say over the period of 5 or 10 years.

It makes you eligible for leadership roles in long runs. It also enables you to consider entrepreneurship roles for yourself. Undoubtedly it gives you a confident personality.

Many more roles can be don by graduates of business schools. MBA is more absorbed when you join after significant work experience which can vary from 3 – 8 years. Few years of working before MBA is useful in my view. Else your chances of taking outcomes from hard earned under graduation will go in vain.

Also its important to understand that running after mere packages is a serious mistake. MBA sometimes can be a tough journey. Post colleges sometimes you don’t land up in cosy job. Actually many who join, come after leaving their cosy jobs. Coming out of cocoon of a comfortable environment is not an easy decision. I’ve seen many of my friends who postponed and finally abandoned their plans for having an MBA. They were not convinced with the mediocre returns after such Herculean inputs.

Thinking Big and Thinking Differently is very important.

MBA is not a magic wand. Its a degree to equip you with certain skill sets. Its up to you how to make use of it in your career and also in your journey in society.

Opportunities for MBA graduates decreases drastically in a laggard economy. Which majority of us witnessed in last 5 years in India. For example, Growth Rate in India decreased to around 4.5% in last two financial years. Before that also, it was hardly promising.

Average packages at IIMs were best reported last time was in 2007 – 2008. Before Lehman Brothers got busted and global recession silently stepped in. Gone were the days when MBA graduates used to visit the big car brands showrooms for choosing. Rather many started wondering whether packages will be sufficient to meet hefty education loans which they took.

By this blog I really want to project the realities of MBA. At least in India as of now. But again, ROI best can be calculated in long runs. Which in my view can give glorious results. Writing this I just got remind one old incident, one of my friend who was passed out of Darden Business School, shared his initial days of there. He told me, that they were greeted from their Head on the very first day with this line, “Congratulations, now you all are Millionaires”. Then many guys made amused expressions on their faces. He later told them, don’t get amused, in matter of few years you will see the richness coming in your way, and for sure you are going to be in the millionaire’s club.

It’s not again I am strongly pitching for MBA, I also accept their are sufficient challenges in your way before, during, and after MBA, so what I am saying its your choice. Don’t follow madly after this attractive degree. Yes at the same time don’t calculate ROI in very short runs. Choose wisely. And importantly listen to your heart.

And last  but not the least remember “Your College Name Becomes Your Middle Name”

God Bless!!

Importance of Manufacturing and Does Mindset the real cause for Dismal Condition of Indian Manufacturing!!

Does Mindset is the real cause of Dismal Condition of Indian Manufacturing!! I believe Yes!!

The problem is that “There is too much Distance but too less Displacement” inside any manufacturing company in India.

Here of course I don’t challenge all companies but yes majority.

First we need to understand why “Manufacturing” is major concern and priority for the Govt. of India from last many years.

It is contributing somewhere around 15 – 16% of GDP in last few years against the target of at least making it to 25% under National Manufacturing Policy.

Why the Govt. wants to achieve this. Why simply we don’t focus on Service Industry which is already contributing healthy >50% of GDP in India. Whereas in China Mfg. is contributing 50% of their GDP.

So why we not simply leave it to Market Forces and let it be driven by pure business interests or environment.

Why Govt. wants to intervene and push Mfg. in India.

Long time back when Industrialization happened in UK and USA, a large Middle Class emerged out of it.

First Service Sector still is unable to absorb illiterate population or low education class. Which Mfg. absorbs.

One direct job in Mfg. can create 5-10 indirect jobs which mostly consists of labor class.

A country like India has a huge population of this segment which is the bottom of the pyramid.

So it makes huge sense that Mfg. revival will create a large lower middle class population. It can reduce the huge burden of MGNREGA project, etc. Because of Ripple Effect “Creation of Wealth” will happen on pure basis. See where China has gone today.

Now the other important reason qualifies is that no nation can stand on its feet or claim to be super power without ability to make on its own soil. I’m not against outsourcing. But again, a nation, can only feel proud, when it makes lots if not all of critical things on its own. It can be any of Defense, Space, Nuclear, Automobiles, etc.

Now understanding “”Does Mindset is the real cause of Dismal Condition of Indian Manufacturing!!””

Mfg. in India is dismal because of macro issues such as poor infra, poor electricity, port congestion, unskilled workforce, too many laws, govt. interference, lack of single window clearance, etc.

But Does Ever Indian Mfg. Companies Looked Inside Themselves and Analyzed Their Own Mindset. Do They Ever Introspect.

I feel they don’t. And it is really much larger problem instead of blaming every time policies and other issues.

There is Too much Distance and Too less Displacement.

Indian Mfg. companies hardly think Big. They run away from competition. They have inferiority complex.

Why can’t they switch to 5 days or 4 days working culture in order to attract good talent.

Why they come on campus placements always last, to attract the left overs.

Why they offer minimum packages on campus when they also need to work on their own market.

Why don’t they ever have Strategy Departments in their Org. structure.

Why they not encourage neat and clean rather comfortable working conditions.

On Contrast Service Sector aces all these above points. They are front runners in packages, talent hiring, strategy, etc.

Indian Mfg. rarely look at overseas market.

I know many who are reading this blog will not agree. Fair enough. Read below.

How many Brands really do we have on Global Arena. Other than Tata owned Jaguar and Land Rover, we don’t have any single Indian Brand in top 100. Do we ever think on this.

There are few Indian Corporate Houses who are doing really good. Such as Mahindra, Hero, Tata, Royal Enfield, etc.

But they are very few. Why don’t we have Toyota, Ford, Airbus, Boeing, Lock Heed Martin, Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Samsung, Apple, Thyssen Krupp, BAE, Bombardier, Harley Davidson, Louis Vuitton, etc. After all these are all Mfg. companies in different sectors.

I would humble urge to look at Mindset first and start working on Strategy to achieve something Big.

God Bless!!

The Corporate Maneater

I know this title sounds unusual. Plus the tribe to whom I am going to refer this title is actually doing benevolent to the society.

But here is the catch. The tribe has traits common to man-eater tigers.

Now this tribe is very successful, powerful, ruling the boardrooms, usually at top, they don’t enjoy any second position, they simply can’t be subordinate, they don’t like to address anyone as their boss in the start of their careers, and they are ambitious.

Many times but not always they rise as entrepreneurs.

So why this unusual title to them. Well, many of you might have noticed in Hollywood Vampire movies, that they are assimilated seamlessly in human population. But again they are very powerful, rich, business tycoons, etc.

Why?? Why this is general image of them in movies. It is being shown that they like human blood. Are very clandestine, secretive, and are within a close knit tribe.

So is there any similarity between these successful humanoid vampires and man-eater tigers.

Yes!! Tigers are loners unlike lions which move and attack prey in a group. When tigers become man-eaters.

Its usually believed that old, weak, any accident leading to impairing of any form, when see human in vicinity in the jungle, the hungry tiger attacks and turn man-eater.

Meat eating animals don’t incline towards humans for prey. They generally avoid humans actually.

Only Sharks and Crocodiles move towards humans naturally and see them as food.

The title “The Corporate Maneater” is meant for that special tribe which I talked above.

They see them as top. They want to be at top. They are Tigers. They due to circumstances get the taste of human blood. They continue to live on that for some time. Then they return to natural food habit. But they are dangerous. At the same time later in their lives they acquire more gravity in their personalities, never do anything with human blood again, leave their past long back, and move on to zenith of glory. They can be seen in any fields. Mostly top corporate, top politician, top saint, etc.

Its really surprising that many popular saints in India are initially “dacoits” in their early careers. Same applies with many well known politicians.

However the title is talking about corporate man-eaters. So let me stick to them for now.

Many top corporate tycoons, in which many of that few, rose as entrepreneurs. They were loners just like tigers.

They develop habit of fast success in their start of careers just like tigers because of circumstance take human blood.

They are kind of unproven vampires living among humans.

They are Corporate Maneaters. They are modern now. They look attractive. They don’t do anything illegal.

Here is again a catch. They once or twice do illegal thing. Again because of circumstances. They change. They repent in private. They don’t share it with anyone. Just like in “Chanakya’s Neeti” don’t ever disclose your secret even to your closest ones.

They staunchly follow this.

The famous first line of all time classic Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather”: “”Behind every great fortune there is a crime””.

Note, its talking about “great fortune”. So the title goes like that.

Voting via Internet!!

Why can’t we in India have Voting via Internet or may be through mail services for people living outside their home states??

Isn’t it cumbersome that we still required to take flight or train to go and vote while we are living and doing job in some other state or may be outside India!!

Can’t it be linked with Internet through Govt. of India website. We have Passport, Voter ID cards, etc. then what’s the fuss all about

No Party of India ever speak on this. I really don’t know WHY

Voting Percentage still linger in many states around 60%

In fact the major part of this 60% is people who have never been outside their region

hence their view can be termed as myopic

they get carried away by cheap campaign of local politicians based on caste, creed, religion, etc.

if this percentage can be improved to 90% the additional 30% is having bigger picture in their mind

and they vote more on Growth, Nation, Employment, etc.

And the politicians will be forced to behave better accordingly

Lets hope this may happen in some form or other

Many of you might be surprised to note this that US constitution guarantees citizens Right for Vote and they take it very seriously. Even astronauts going to ISS i.e. International Space Station also gets medium to cast their votes from space

Recently I read in one newspaper that Estonia has enabled Internet Voting and they use technology for betterment of citizens in various domains

We in India also need reforms in this very important front

God Bless!!

The E-Commerce Tsunami

So finally the tsunami of e-commerce has arrived in India

difficult to digest for many, that the young company Flipkart is now valued 6 Billion USD

though its way below than Amazon’s 180 BUSD still its a mind blowing achievement for any nascent start up

and it has started flooding with water the day to day businesses already

What will be the effects of this tsunami

undoubtedly they are going to be immense

recently mobile hand sets majors such as Motorola, Xiomi, etc. has taken exclusive online route only via flipkart, snapdeal, to name few

so you cannot buy through any other option like from any shop in the mall, etc.

and they get sold out in matter of minutes

the working capital is therefore negative

and this is now “pull” instead of “push” model if we refer Supply Chain Management

big savings such as: no real estate cost of shops, manpower in those shops, indirect costs, to name few

Govt. is also having profit from this route as there is no escaping of taxes, stream lining of consumers data

but the effects are way beyond all this

1. its going to encourage INNOVATION like never before

there was one HBR report few months back which said the next decade is going to be ruled by innovation

so how e commerce can effect that

think like this, you make a product in a remote town in your factory, before e commerce the customer set was small, may be in vicinity, or till where you have contacts with distributors. But now when you display the same product on e commerce website, it will reach to millions at one go, and if the product is really good, you might not be able to supply the demand which will come thereafter

2. now the delivery through drones is also under process of becoming reality

which will again spur the growth like never before

Amazon is talking of this, coming straight from sci-fi movie thing

imagine you are hungry and you want your pizza. of course you can’t wait for next day delivery.

now imagine you want to buy anything and you know it can come within one hour. it will catalyze the whole shopping experience.

3. its not that difficult to imagine that in future things will get changed entirely

big warehouses in cities meeting huge demands through drones, highly efficient, no fuel wastage, no inventory, etc.

even the buzzing and guzzling malls may also face decline in shopping trends

4. The Big Benefit coming is also on Inventory Holdings

lots of manufacturing units which today sits on huge stacks of inventory of finished goods will be able to deplete their stocks much faster through discounts on e commerce websites

5. The Govt.s opposition to FDI in retail is also of no use anymore

Initially the big fuss was on allowing Wal Mart, Tesco, Metro, Carrefour, entry into India

small retailers were making hue and cry on their survival. The real threat to them was first from Malls and now from E Commerce.

If I call myself A Futurologist, strategies of the corporate world and government’s public policies need to align themselves very soon with this new trend


God Bless!!