The Bovine People

Well, may be this headline sounds unusual, however let me give it a try what I want to say!

When this word “bovine” came before me, I was immediately able to correlate it with lifestyle of many of my friends whom I know personally.

So what I mean by “the bovine people”

The point which I am discussing is that I find my lots of friends living a life like a cow. They go to office, return, have food, sleep, and then again office. They pay EMIs in first week of month and for the rest of month wait for month’s salary.

I have a good friend circle and I observe them, their thoughts, their vision for the society, their contribution towards others, etc.

I don’t feel elated, when I observe they are trapped in loans which can be Education Loan, House Loan, Personal Loan (mostly from credit cards), etc.

What I notice mostly that they are too much trapped to think outside the box now.

Hardly anyone talk about Entrepreneurship, fighting for social causes, becoming business tycoons, having eccentric life plans which can be such as world tour, may be settling near a pristine beach for few years, leaving everything and search for inner voice, etc.

Take the example of Steve Jobs here. He was not the conventional guy obviously.

What was the secret of his amazing success and most importantly his impact on the society. He followed a very unconventional path. He started Apple. He was demob from the same company which he founded. He even had a brief stint in India where I tried to meditate and self discovery. He even chose to learn Calligraphy. Etc. So he was not “bovine” of course.

The other good motivational book which I get remind of here is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Something similar written there also. How the lead character left the successful career of lawyer and went to Himalayas in search of salvation.

It might be true, what I am writing here mostly applicable for developing nations citizens, and in terms of percentage, and per capita income, developing vs developed nations can vary, but for sure every society is having bovine people.

Now, I am not recommending that one should keep changing career tracks or it is not good to stick to one particular lifestyle, etc. Japanese society if we take for example encourages life long association with one single company which is in deep contrast to American lifestyle where frequent changes are norm.

The point is why live “Bovine”. We are Humans. Not Cows. You are just giving milk and the company is feeding you with grass in terms of small amount of money.

When in this world which is so beautiful, different, vibrant, where you can do so much exciting things, you live a life of cow.

By this blog, I just want to encourage people to take new paths, unexplored, risky. Why fear from failure.

Ships are safest in the harbor, but are they meant for being there.

Why not explore wild life, sea beaches, snow mountains, rainy forests, river rafting, sky diving, islands, scuba, helping poor, teaching underprivileged, writing, reading, long driving, etc. And I also recommend to come out of addictive usage of social media on internet and even TV. Meet people. See people. Talk people. Be Social.


God Bless!!


Published by Rishabh Agarwal


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