The Future is coming with Era of Drones and 3D Printers

In last few months I came across many times use of military drones by USA. Also use of 3D printers in labs.

Now think like this that post military usage the things come in civil use and actually explodes in terms of usage.

The Prime Example is Internet which was meant to be used for file sharing in military initially.

Amazon has recently announced delivery through drones within 30 minutes of your online order.

Similarly Renault has recently displayed in Auto Expo the new concept car which surprisingly has one drone installed on its roof with miscellaneous and adventurous use such as seeing your car from top, seeing traffic from top, etc.

Drones no doubt, are going to be ubiquitous very soon.

Drones are basically kind of helicopters, miniature, and unmanned of course.

But they will soon change the world we know now.

Now comes 3D printers. Again they have current applications in labs, making prototypes, etc.

But imagine, soon giant printers can even print modular floors, picked by giant drones, and a big commercial or residential complex can be erected in a matter of days. The power is so big that its mind blowing. There is minimum wastage, can print complex designs, much difficult to make by any other means.

Why I am writing this, just to express my thoughts. And also I believe that future strategies of organizations need to incorporate these developments in their future projects.

Would love to see any India Org to take lead in making use of Drones and 3D Printers in their business.

God Bless!!







Is India now ready for Cruiser Bikes


I must say this that now India is Ready for Cruiser Bikes on a much large scale than we can figure out

Think like this. 8 years back Mobiles worth 5k bucks were big thing on hands

Now same 50k bucks also don’t turn heads

Point is that we all have moved on very quickly

Now Indians want more

And hence it make big sense that Cruiser Bikes can be a big hit in near future

Of course International biggies such as HD, Indian, Triumph, have already identified this

Now isn’t this is the time for Indian biggies

Rather I would love if any Indian Company challenge these brands in their market too

Lets see how it goes!!!!


The Resilience Strategy

Isn’t it interesting that few companies make a turnaround

After an off beating they again rule the market

and set off the trends

There are numerous examples (few can be like of Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycles, etc.) which faced tough times but they Bounced Back

And this is Resilience

Why not a separate study in Management Colleges on this Strategy

I term it as The Resilience Strategy


How UN and Security Council became irrelevant in today’s maze Geo Countries

Iraq is burning and so is Syria with a new area getting crafted

And the world is watching with mute

No role of U.N. and Security Council can be seen

Almost 80 – 90 years back League of Nations was established just exactly to check these situations

And still all this going on under the very nose of this world

Really feel sorry to note all this