Marvel Comics vs Raj Comics and Hollywood vs Bollywood: come on India- the world is waiting for you!!

I always wondered striking similarity between Marvel comics and Raj comics.

Comics have always been my passion when I was in childhood, better term is school days.

And am or was so fond of all super heroes of Raj comics namely Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga, Ashoka, Parmanu, Wolfman (don’t recall exact name), etc.

See how Hollywood capitalized their stories of comics and ideas so seamlessly in all of their movies, popular names such as: Superman, Spider man, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, X-Men, Wolverine (from X-Men), Hulk, The Lord of Rings, etc.

Hollywood produced numerous movies, majority block busters, made huge fortune, and most importantly successfully sold Soft Power of USA throughout the whole world.

Now even China wants to sell their brand in the world, Japan successfully did by movies on Samurai, Godzilla, etc.

Why Bollywood remained such obsolete and never catch the all time available opportunity, simply to capitalize on our legendary comics heroes. Why still in India majority movies are old fashioned concentrating on “saas bahu”, love, middle class struggle, rich class spoiled brats, comedy, and projecting simple common man in love acting as Demi Gods. How can you sell so stupidly that a simple college going guy is beating 50 or more hooligans in one go. Come on, act and think rational now Bollywood. Don’t sell stupid things.

If Bollywood simply follow Hollywood then also it can make fortunes and also create tremendous soft power in favor of India.

In one of my earlier posts “Mahabharata vs Iliad” I talked about how a big market on Mythology remained ignored in India.

Though there is no study done as per my knowledge on the market opportunity size of movies if brought on the said subject, still a conservative estimate can be to the tune of few billion dollars over a period of say five years.

Its not only about making money, but also about showing to the world that who we are. Why we only copy the West. Can’t we show them something legendary of ours. And believe me- the world is waiting for us. Let’s hope for the best: Come on India- the world is waiting for you!!!!

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