The Corporate Maneater

I know this title sounds unusual. Plus the tribe to whom I am going to refer this title is actually doing benevolent to the society.

But here is the catch. The tribe has traits common to man-eater tigers.

Now this tribe is very successful, powerful, ruling the boardrooms, usually at top, they don’t enjoy any second position, they simply can’t be subordinate, they don’t like to address anyone as their boss in the start of their careers, and they are ambitious.

Many times but not always they rise as entrepreneurs.

So why this unusual title to them. Well, many of you might have noticed in Hollywood Vampire movies, that they are assimilated seamlessly in human population. But again they are very powerful, rich, business tycoons, etc.

Why?? Why this is general image of them in movies. It is being shown that they like human blood. Are very clandestine, secretive, and are within a close knit tribe.

So is there any similarity between these successful humanoid vampires and man-eater tigers.

Yes!! Tigers are loners unlike lions which move and attack prey in a group. When tigers become man-eaters.

Its usually believed that old, weak, any accident leading to impairing of any form, when see human in vicinity in the jungle, the hungry tiger attacks and turn man-eater.

Meat eating animals don’t incline towards humans for prey. They generally avoid humans actually.

Only Sharks and Crocodiles move towards humans naturally and see them as food.

The title “The Corporate Maneater” is meant for that special tribe which I talked above.

They see them as top. They want to be at top. They are Tigers. They due to circumstances get the taste of human blood. They continue to live on that for some time. Then they return to natural food habit. But they are dangerous. At the same time later in their lives they acquire more gravity in their personalities, never do anything with human blood again, leave their past long back, and move on to zenith of glory. They can be seen in any fields. Mostly top corporate, top politician, top saint, etc.

Its really surprising that many popular saints in India are initially “dacoits” in their early careers. Same applies with many well known politicians.

However the title is talking about corporate man-eaters. So let me stick to them for now.

Many top corporate tycoons, in which many of that few, rose as entrepreneurs. They were loners just like tigers.

They develop habit of fast success in their start of careers just like tigers because of circumstance take human blood.

They are kind of unproven vampires living among humans.

They are Corporate Maneaters. They are modern now. They look attractive. They don’t do anything illegal.

Here is again a catch. They once or twice do illegal thing. Again because of circumstances. They change. They repent in private. They don’t share it with anyone. Just like in “Chanakya’s Neeti” don’t ever disclose your secret even to your closest ones.

They staunchly follow this.

The famous first line of all time classic Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather”: “”Behind every great fortune there is a crime””.

Note, its talking about “great fortune”. So the title goes like that.


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