“Vairagya”, an ancient Indian art of Dispassion

Though I was about to write a blog on “The Theory of Tapasya” which is again an ancient Indian art of single mind focus for a goal, somehow I got the subject topic writing here first.

“Vairagya”, an ancient Indian art of Dispassion, is quite interesting and useful in today’s stressful and over-connected world.

In ancient times in India, people used to take “Vairagya” nearly around age of 50, when their children are grown up to age of 30 possibly, they have even seen their grand children by that time. It was considered appropriate to leave the world of “Maya” (which is again ancient Indian word for “materialism”), and to adopt non-interest or more specifically dispassion, and start living a retired life.

Today I see people working till age of 70 (I’m not saying its wrong), still having greed for money, fame, power, etc.. You can see such commonalities among politicians who are not ready to give up even at age of 80 (in India at least). One reason is competition these days is too tough and one attains moderate success by age of 45 around. We have made our lives very complex indeed.

Why “Vairagya” is useful in today’s environment. It helps you to rediscover yourself. How you used to think as a child. How you used to play with your grand parents when you were kid. “Vairagya” not necessarily directs you to complete retirement. But you don a role of a Teacher. More philanthropic in nature. You don’t expect a return for your kindness. You can have it if someone reciprocates voluntarily. You acquire Wisdom.

Most importantly you are least bothered about the over increasing “materialism” in this world.

I’m not sure but I think in today’s world “Vairagya” can be surrendered after 4-5 years and one can consider returning to moderate life style. In the long run it will help you to rejuvenate yourself and you will do greater benefit to your immediate family by “Vairagya” rather than running madly after materialistic things and being over-connected.

I know lots of my friends are over burdened with loans or other types of liabilities these days, which is common at this age group. Running blindly in a “race” of proving themselves worthy among peers, etc. And they are turning their hair “grey” far more fast than ever someone probably did in history in their own family tree. My question is what you gain out of it. It is well accepted truth that Health is Wealth. More important good mental health is difficult to sustain in today’s stressful lives.

I think “over connectivity” these days offered by networking and social websites down the line has a toll on your mental health. It is recommended from me at least to refrain from over-running in your life.

There was one previous blog from me on The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy where I argued how it is useful to Bounce Back after a period of elope. “Vairagya” is similar in line but it more focused on denouncing the materialism which has plagued the minds of people specially working generation 20 to 40 in age.

My thoughts only!!

I invite comments from readers. Thank you and God Bless.


How “Vairagya” is define when you Bing:

Vairāgya is a Sanskrit term used in Hindu philosophy that roughly translates as dispassion, detachment, or renunciation, in particular renunciation from the pains and pleasures in the material world (Maya). The Hindu philosophers who advocated vairāgya told their followers that it is a means to achieve moksha.


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