Why MBA??

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, But I think I’ve ended up where I needed to be”.. Douglas Adams

Well, its one of the favorite topics which we discuss among our friends. Almost a year back I wrote one blog on this topic in a similar fashion.

Why Choose MBA and What You Really Get Out of It!!

However let me put my additional thoughts here.

When you chose an MBA program, you basically chose One New Road in your Life. You chose to deviate from the routine which you were doing.

If we see Life is all about evolvement. So its important how you chose to be evolved.

I think, with an MBA, the road you chose to be evolved is more holistic and you are accepting that you shall be embracing new thoughts down the line.

Also in order to break cocoon of a routine and regular lifestyle requires courage. Obviously a new road brings new challenges along with opportunities.

Lets talk about how we define an MBA. First of all MBA is more for people who are related to corporate world/ new trends/ public facing/ financial implications/ marketing applications/ projects/ human resources/ supply chain/ operations/ general management/ business strategies/ etc. (students can take specialization and electives depending on interest). I won’t say it is appropriate program for any hard core researcher or someone similar.

Many times what I notice people run for MBA programs because of packages on offer for its graduating class. Its not a recommended way of thinking in my view.

Its also important to understand that these days MBA programs can be of different durations such as: 10 months, 12 months, 16 months, 20 months, or 24 months. So don’t get confused from the duration. More important an aspirant should take a note of is: contact hours, course structure, class profile, diversity on offer, alumni connections, work experience of the students, reputation of the program and institute, etc.

One thing more I’d like to add here. There are quite few other Post Graduate Programs running which though are not exactly MBA programs but many times people accept or confuse with MBA programs. But they are also equally good. For example some well known institutes run Masters in Public Policy which is an MPP program rather than MBA program. But nevertheless they are also highly sought. Situation is comparable that you are enrolling at IIT for B. Arch. instead of B. Tech (which is probably more sought). In my view, one should consider his or her career priorities and choose the Management Program accordingly. One should refrain from running in a cattle fashion after any degree without giving proper due consideration to all factors.

Now again, I won’t be praising MBA or Management Programs too much here. Education is all about skill development. When you become a Doctor your skill is now that you can treat a patient. When you become a Computer Programmer (irrespective of whether you are Engr., or BCA/ MCA, BSc/ MSc, Computer Language Certificate Holder, etc.) your skill is now of coding or programming.

Generally MBA degree is sought for career growth because of the skill to see situations holistically. You can call it Lateral Thinking.

Hence in order to develop this skill, for e.g. which at IIMs is taught thru Case Studies method, is what is sought by recruiters.

But many times recruiters also fail to see the importance of these skills. Then a mismatch happens. They give non relevant job profiles to MBA graduates and fail to realize their full potential to mutual benefit. Both employee and employer gain at the same time when goals are aligned. But in developing countries like India, students mostly have not much negotiation options before the recruiters.

Now coming back to the topic of this blog. I reemphasize that winning this coveted degree can be someone’s dream but understanding the true context of your burning desire is equally important. Nevertheless wishing aspirants good luck.

Last but not the least. Remember.

Your college name becomes your middle name and remains with you throughout your Life.

God Bless!!



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