The Volcanic Effects of E-commerce, a disruptive innovation and its impact on the Future

Rise of the E-commerce of-course is a disruptive innovation with far reaching impacts on the future. The rise of Amazon (Globally), Alibaba (China), Flipkart (India), Snapdeal (India), Jabong (India), Indiamart (India) is phenomenal.¬† What are we looking at then in coming years. E-commerce will impact a range of regular life common things. 1. Now FactoryContinue reading “The Volcanic Effects of E-commerce, a disruptive innovation and its impact on the Future”

The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy

The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy (TAS) I consider this strategy as a subset of The Resilience Strategy (TRS), which I talk about most of the times and a tool which I conceptualized. “Agyaatvaas” is a popular word in Hindu Mythologies. It means you are supposed to be un-identifiable by your enemy during the period of “Agyaatvaas” whichContinue reading “The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy”

Education Loan Business in India: An Abysmal Scenario

Well, many times my friends discussed with me on the subject of this blog. I felt moved by the observations and thought I should write on this subject. You see Education Loan Business in India has turned into an abysmal scenario. I still remember my young days of school times, education was meant to beContinue reading “Education Loan Business in India: An Abysmal Scenario”

Great Expectations from Mr. Modi and One Year of his Govt. in India

Well this is my second blog on Mr. Modi’s efforts to revive Indian Economy! The first one was:¬†Shri Modi and Jim Collins – Good to Great Undoubtedly Shri Modi attracted Great Expectations globally. The nation which approx. a decade before attracted global attention by strong GDP growth and created a large middle class backed byContinue reading “Great Expectations from Mr. Modi and One Year of his Govt. in India”

Apple- BB- Nokia- and Samsung: Strategy Lessons

Well, these 4 brands are probably most recognized in mobile handset industry. Though agreed, new players including Xiaomi, Gionee, etc. and oldies including Sony, HTC, etc. are also playing cool. However thru this blog I’m focusing on few Strategy Lessons which are quite interesting to me. SAMSUNG: Lets talk about this Korean Chaebol first. SamsungContinue reading “Apple- BB- Nokia- and Samsung: Strategy Lessons”

Why USSR failed to survive while USA thrived: Role of Resilience

Well thru this blog I tried to analyse National Public Policy part from Strategy Theory of mine though which I mostly reserve for analyzing corporate strategies. When I see case of USSR which again was a formidable bloc of its time and enjoyed huge clout and influence. But it failed to survive. While USA continuedContinue reading “Why USSR failed to survive while USA thrived: Role of Resilience”

Will You Marry Me vs You’re Hired

Marriage Proposals vs Job Offers or Will You Marry Me vs You’re Hired @India Well, I must admit its a funny blog of mine. But it has a valid argument. Now I many times wonder why in India Govt. doesn’t releases employment data on regular basis. What my understanding says that this data is releasedContinue reading “Will You Marry Me vs You’re Hired”

Organizations Strategy and Cars Across Roads [OSCAR] Theory

Well whenever I see lots of cars going slowly or fast on roads, different models, different types of roads, SOMEHOW I am always able to co-relate them with the state of economy. This Analogy is quite striking to me. Lets imagine simple traffic on roads with numerous four wheelers. Now there can be different kindContinue reading “Organizations Strategy and Cars Across Roads [OSCAR] Theory”