The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy

The “Agyaatvaas” Strategy (TAS)

I consider this strategy as a subset of The Resilience Strategy (TRS), which I talk about most of the times and a tool which I conceptualized.

“Agyaatvaas” is a popular word in Hindu Mythologies. It means you are supposed to be un-identifiable by your enemy during the period of “Agyaatvaas” which can have a period of one year or so.

So why this concept was used so much in Hindu Mythologies both in Ramayaan and Mahabharata.

During “Agyaatvaas” you are supposed to be so low profile that despite your great strengths you act like a commoner so that your enemies become complacent and meanwhile you can gather your strength, forge new allies, acquire new skills and most importantly “gain focus”.

After the “Agyaatvaas” you make a surprise strike at the enemy.

Now it is important to understand your enemy. In today’s ever increasing complex world your enemy can be your loan, job- stress, jealous colleagues, etc.

From org. point of view enemy can be competitor company, unfavourable market scenario, changing customer taste, etc.

You see in both of the above, “Agyaatvaas” Strategy actually works. It allows to regain focus. To think out of the box. Just like Breakthrough Management.

Even legendary Steve Jobs tried “Agyaatvaas” by visiting India for few months and remained invisible to his US counterparts.

So why I’m saying TAS is a subset of TRS. It is so because TRS also talks about how to face difficult times and emerge out of it with a bounce.

The “Agyaatvaas” is all about all this. It is actually very relevant and useful in today’s over exposed and over networked world, which doesn’t allow you to be rational. Because of the fear of what others are going to say you are hesitant to take ugly but necessary decisions.

Because of Facebook, etc. in today’s world  one is always under a pseudo pressure to prove he or she is doing absolutely good. And this is WRONG! Believe me. Sometimes it is better to leave others at their own state irrespective of what they are thinking rather than keep convincing them about your well being.

For any org. or any individual TAS is as helpful as TRS. Basically TAS is a subset of TRS. If you are facing too many hurdles try “Agyaatvaas”.

My thoughts only!


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