Why USSR failed to survive while USA thrived: Role of Resilience

Well thru this blog I tried to analyse National Public Policy part from Strategy Theory of mine though which I mostly reserve for analyzing corporate strategies.

When I see case of USSR which again was a formidable bloc of its time and enjoyed huge clout and influence. But it failed to survive. While USA continued to thrive and inspired global entrepreneurs and capitalists.

Why USSR failed but USA thrived. There might be many reasons. Politically I’m neutral and appreciate what is good for mankind and humanity.

USA embraced variety of cultures via immigrants, tolerated change,encourage entrepreneurs, discouraged crony capitalism, worked on soft power, etc.

While on other hand USSR was monolithic society: reluctant to change; zero tolerance to new; no entrepreneurs; widespread crony capitalism; etc.

Now understanding how The Resilience Strategy comes into play. Resilience is all about the salient features which I just discussed for the USA.

When any nation or even corporate organizations accepts diversity, it embraces Resilience. It gets open to new ideas. See how entrepreneurs add value to the nation and its economy. USA is full of entrepreneurs. Huge corporates which we today know were once start-ups. When you build nation you build social fabric structure via public policies.

Creating an eco-system favouring healthy competition is all about resilience. The frequency of ups and equally downs is all about Resilience. While USA kept benefiting from this inherent feature in its national ideology, USSR was way reluctant to accept immigrants. Hence turned away from Resilience. It was like aSolid Bloc.

Solid Blocs are fragile. They are strong but they are not Resilient. They are vulnerable to shocks. Whereas Resilient economies/ nations/ corporate are able to absorb changes and they bounce back with a thrust.

Building a Nation on patriotism is good. But not accepting foreigners to live on your land maybe politically have some valid reasons but it is anti-resilient.

Curiously Japan is also monolithic society but not only it survived but it thrived. How??

Well Japan has been too strong that Resilience doesn’t matter to them. Rather being strong helped them. As the nation is concentrated to four islands, they are much more united hence form a unified force. When you are non resilient then you are hard also at the same time. Your economy rule is governed by you only.

When you are spread across Geographies it makes sense to be Resilient.

Integrating variety of cultures, religions, colours, etc. in national social fabric is highly recommended which inculcates an eco-system adding high value to the overall social chain.

Resilience after all is all about ability: to embrace change; to accept diversity; and to bounce back.

My thoughts only!

God Bless!


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