Will You Marry Me vs You’re Hired

Marriage Proposals vs Job Offers or

Will You Marry Me vs You’re Hired


Well, I must admit its a funny blog of mine. But it has a valid argument.

Now I many times wonder why in India Govt. doesn’t releases employment data on regular basis. What my understanding says that this data is released once in 5 years. While in OECD countries this data is almost released either monthly or max. quarterly. Yeah! of course, for developing nations this data is far from rosy and may raise social unrest, hence in order to mellow down the citizens thru public policy its better to release at a longer intervals. Whereas in case of OECD countries it can be obviously released at shorter duration. 

Even interestingly Govt.s are in enormous pressure in developed nations too for maintaining healthy employment rate. Preference is of-course > 95%.

I based on few of my friends’ experiences post MBA degree, got an interesting observation. While there is scarcity of Job Offers in India (or consider developing nations as whole), there is decent opportunity for Marriage Proposals.

Suppose you are a fresh graduate passed out of a premier institute with an average job in your hand. Now you register yourself in two sites at this stage of your life. One in Job Portal and the Other in Match Making website.

I’m sure that my data is correct here, you will be surprised that you shall be getting anywhere in between 100 – 1000 serious proposals or interests thru Match Making but hardly 0 – 10 interview calls thru Job Portal, say in a time frame of one year.

Now this is quite surprising and interesting fact simultaneously. I guess this huge disproportion may not be there if you are a citizen of a developed nation, where first Match Making is a different exercise than in India, and second that there are ample job opportunities.

While in India in last one decade or more, majority have opted for career avenues in Engineering or MBA or Medical or CA, while in USA people are going for much wider range including Music, History, Arts, Painting, Photography, Fashion Industry, Law, Education, Public Policy, etc. I’m not saying that people in India are not in these fields but in terms of percentage or you say concentration it is highly concentrated in favor of the 4 streams which I mentioned above.

Now though this observation (title of this blog) on first hand looks depressing but it is not so in my view. It also shows advantages of a wider population base and simple living society. People are able to find “life” in small aspects of so called journey of life. At least one is enjoying with this ease (finding the better half).

However, it is important to understand that there is dearth of sound offers which gets badly hit when the GDP growth rate declines. As happened in India in last 4-5 years time frame. Good news is that this decline trend is now reversing.

Hopefully if country grows at double digit annual growth rate in GDP, the graphs of the two critical offers can go in parallel. AMEN!

God Bless!



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