The Iron Man Suit Strategy

That’s why I’m going to be the first– lead boy in the movie How To Train Your Dragon!

Well, this title ran into my mind since long. When I saw this movie which is actually one of my favorites, The Iron Man, I saw a strategy tool in it.

If one recall the movie, the lead hero Robert, was a tech. genius, kidnapped by rogue guys, and was asked to make weapons for them.

Now imagine you are a brilliant guy fresh out of the college and got a stupid wrong job in your career. Or you are in deep mess of some other kind. I’m trying to give just examples. Up to you to imagine.

What he did actually to come out of that desperate and close to end situation. He brilliantly used his brain to design a suite which was invincible and just shoot out into the sky and went away from all that stuff behind. That is the power of your skills.

Another example, do something unimaginable, something daring, but of course ethical. In movie How To Train Your Dragon, our protagonist boy targeted The Night Fury dragon which was never been hit before. To really come out of stuck, you may need to target the Best.

You see Entrepreneurs are like that. They build something from their brain. And use it to come out of the common. You have to build that “Iron Man Suite”. Steve Jobs was like that.

It is somewhat similar to my favorite theory The Break Through Management. However for a breakthrough which recommends to jump out of the fish bowl, here you are required to prepare a suite (it can even only an idea, something like that), and then it will enable you to jump out that fish bowl or out of a well for a frog, etc. In simple words in order to come out of stuck situation build that “Iron Man Suite”

An example, you are stuck in a low job, you prepare for B-School admissions. You devote a year of studies to get into coveted program. This is “Iron Man Suite” which you built to come out of the hopelessness.

Interestingly one should always keep a plan B in his life which can be your Iron Man Suite in your life.

It can be your “The Dark Horse” friend, anything which is bold or daring, similar to “The Black Swan”, etc.

My thoughts only!!

God Bless!!


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