Rise of the Right Wing

Right Wing is on the rise. Globally.

I curiously watched US elections like almost everyone did.

Almost one month before the elections Trump was dismissed totally by the US media. Hillary was designated clear winner much in advance.

If someones is supporter of Trump it was difficult for him (or her) to speak freely in public as he might be ridiculed for his choice. I differ from this imposed thinking by the omnipotent media.

We all know how US Media Houses (>95%) were so much against Trump. And he win finally.

I recall India elections held in 2013. Almost all media in India was hell bound and harboring so much anger against Modi. He was called as a person with no values and respect for other religions and constitutional values. Despite his excellent administration of one major state of India i.e. Gujarat where he brought impressive growth, etc.. as its Chief Minister for nearly a decade, he was clearly untouchable for New Delhi elite echelons which always wanted to capture the political top seat by them in the name of various camouflage tricks such as “secular”/ “dynasty right”/ “socialism”/ etc.

Modi always advocated for Growth oriented policies. Trump is blunt and correct when it comes to call a spade a spade. The so called “liberals” disguised both these leaders in their country respectively.

Trump during the election campaign unambiguously stroke at numerous problems plaguing the society but somehow media just don’t want to admit it. It was simply the example of elephant in the room theory thought in larger public policy context.

It appears the media in every country is trying to hijack the public opinion by its own views and try to divert public opinion whenever possible to refrain them from choosing right wing. However people thwarted this attempt.

It is good to be liberal and advocate liberalism. But it is not wrong to be right wing either.

In India during Congress regime (which was marked by 10 years of plundering of national wealth under mega scams) it was unthinkable of any Indian Political Leader to visit Hindu Temple. God knows why they were so averse to follow their faith. Maybe they don’t wanted to tarnish their carefully created “secular” image.

Trump when hinted its tough plans towards ubiquitous problems such as job loss because of outsourcing/ illegal stay on US soil/ deteriorating US global influence/ and many others which I don’t want to write here, almost everyone was crying foul. The cry is still there on US streets after the results. Somehow liberals cant swallow his win.

Lets come to Putin. He is now veteran national leader who wants to restore glory of Mother Russia just as it was during Soviet time. Though there are indications that Russia is a retreating super power and one cannot do much in that regard. However with open endorsement of Trump and Putin for each other before the results, there is clear synergy that both these right wing leaders shall bring the relations to new heights which was at nadir during Obama presidency.

Shinzo Abe is again a popular face. Though his efforts to transform the GDP of Japan is somewhat still going lukewarm maybe due to ageing population and some other factors. Despite that he is certainly steering the country out of crisis and offering stability to the nation.

May is again conservative party leader whom UK people trusted with the job for BREXIT. Here also before the national voting media was showing how people are against leaving EU. But the results were opposite indeed.

Whatever all these trends are indicating but one thing is clear:

People are now hungry for the real growth and not some pseudo growth.

My thoughts only.


Published by Rishabh Agarwal

MBA IIM-C B Tech HBTI-K Email rishabhagarwal@aol.in

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